Working Our Way Toward Vehicle Domination! OR - We Buy All Kinds of Cars

Hmmmm . . . maybe we came on a little strong with the title there, but we're just trying to make a point. If you have a vehicle that you want to get rid of, we'll pay you in cash for it no matter what kind of automobile that it may be and no matter what condition it'sin. We'll take it right now, just the way it sits. Any car. It doesn't matter if it's new, used, old, big, or small - we'll take it. And the best part. We'll give you some bills that you can spend on whatever you wis

Even if no one else would buy it - we will!

Seriously. We'll take that new automobile off your hands. Maybe you want a new ride, maybe the car's just not you. We don't care. We'll pay you for it.

If you've had the vehicle for a while and it's beginning to show its age, we'll take that, too. We're not picky. Ew, you mean it's not, like all shiny and stuff???? We don't care, we'll buy that well-used car off of you anyway.

Dents and dings? I mean, really dented and dinged? Damaged smamaged. It makes no difference to us. We'll make you an offer.

Even if your automobile might be considered . . . we hate to say it . . . junk . . . to some, we'll still buy that bad boy from you. Heck, we'll even come out to where it lay resting and tow it out of there for you. And we'll be sure to lay some loot in your mitts to boot. Mitts . . . boots . . . hah

Why should you sell to us?

Well, the first reason is because we'll give you money for your car. No matter what kind or condition. That's because that's what we do - we buy cars.

The second reason is because we make it simple. Some extra green is just a phone call away. Just answer a couple quick questions.

The third reasons is because it will potentially save you a lot of effort. You won't have to clean out your auto or even smog it because we don't care about that sort of thing