How to identify a junk car

Someone's junk can always be another one's treasure, so these are just a few examples of a junk car. You might be able to think of more than these, but this is just to give you a little bit of an idea and to get you started using your noodle to decide if you might have a junk car on your hands.

It doesn't run. That should be an obvious clue, and perhaps the most commonly thought of definition of a junk car. If your vehicle is temporarily out of action and just needs a little bit of work, it may or may not be a beater. However, if it needs a lot of work or would take more funds than you have on hand to get it running again or if it spends more time sitting that on the road, it's probably safe to say that it's a heap.

It was in an accident. A severely damaged vehicle can pose a safety risk, especially if the frame was damaged. This typically costs more to fix than it would to buy yourself another automobile. It has a lot of rust. If the rust is so bad there are holes in the body, the trunk, or the floor, this might be a sign your vehicle is overdue for an appointment at the boneyard. The only time holes in the floor would be appropriate is in certain cartoons that take place during the stone age

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